2630571244_7ae0f356b2If you want to experience a whole new way of learning or practicing a language, we strongly recommend that you join WIZiQ. Video-conferencing through Internet has been used for training and education for quite a few years now. Universities and corporations worldwide use this tool to empower people and lower their costs.

Smart Teaching Online currently provides private and group training to all kinds of people from Mexico and other countries willing to learn English or Spanish. This friendly but powerful WIZiQ platform offers a virtual classroom which is ideal for the learning of languages and of many other subjects taught everyday on its site.

The WIZiQ classroom is equipped with live web conferencing; interactive whiteboards; uploading of files in several formats; desktop and screen sharing; embedding of YouTube videos; recording and downloding of sessions; and private chatbox.

If you want to schedule a free demo session, please write to director@supraschooling.com. If you want to participate in our public sessions, please visit WIZiQ’s site or click in the screen below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Welcome to the new learning generation!


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  1. 1 logout December 7, 2008 at 10:25 am

    dear sir
    I watched your public session with wonder,amazement and joy.
    I am in india ,a retired person ,doing volunteering work
    among poor students and visually challenged persons ,teaching spoken english as second language.
    I really enjoyed your words ” if you learn english ,it amounts to having an additional pair of hands ,legs,even brain”
    I was struggling to motivate the poor students to learn and speak english.
    I am really proud of you ,for your generosity to help the world.
    Though i am 59 ,i felt young and optimistic when i watched your recordings.
    When you take care of the children of god, God will take care of you,
    in all possible ways .
    Thank you for sharing

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