arriving-in-mexico-9Smart Teaching Online offers private instruction to those willing to learn or practice Spanish  through WIZiQ. Our classes are intended to be interesting, fun and highly productive. We try to achieve our learning goals within a reasonable time. Our strategy is to create programs that fully adapt to our students’ particular needs. We have learned over the years, that each and every student learns in a different way. Our teaching staff seeks to provide the ideal environment and resources need for our customers to learn more effectively. Therefore, we customize our programs to the characteristics of the students we train.

Smart Spanish Program

Our program is divided into 7 levels. Each level contains 20 lessons (55-minute each). The complete program is 140 lessons. We also program conversation clubs for basic, intermediate and advanced students in order to accelerate their communication skills.

Basic Levels I & II (Lessons 1-40)

The Basic Levels are designed to help students become functional in English as a second language. Upon completion of this program, students are able to understand and express complete ideas in order to communicate effectively using basic grammar structures and 800 vocabulary words.

Intermediate Levels III & IV (Lessons 41-80)

The Intermediate levels allow our students to become conversational. A conversational student is able to express fluently and accurately in Spanish in order to engage successfully in a conversation. Intermediate students are able to speak in all tenses and manage complex grammar structures as they learn 1600 new vocabulary words.

Advanced Levels V & VI (Lessons 81-120)

The Advanced levels are intended to provide our students with the capability to use the language freely and accurately. This part of the program is designed to make the student perform at a higher complexity level. These levels contain the use of slang and the use of advanced grammar structures.

Each lesson includes:

Course Assessment

  • Lesson Material and Exercises on Site
  • A 55-minute Live Session
  • Supplementary Materials
  • Session Recording
  • Teaching Support Online
  • Access to Weekly Conversation Club
  • Final Evaluation and Feedback


Each level is evaluated through a written test and an oral exam by a qualified instructor. Students only repeat the lessons they did not perform well, rather than reapeat a complete level. The completion time of the Smart Teaching Program depends on the scheduled set and the number of lessons to be repeated.

Conversation Clubs

This is a perfect space for students to improve their fluency, pronunciation and vocabulary. These sessions are intended to make students speak and think in English within a friendly environment. Conversation clubs are also divided into basic, intermediate and advanced groups so students feel comfortable as they practice.

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