Litigation – Basic expressions

litigation9According to the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of Law, “litigate” comes from the latin word litigatus, past participle of litigare, from lit-, lis lawsuit + agere to drive. It means to seek resolution of a legal contest by judicial process. Litigation has to do with all the acts pertaining to the party’s activity before a court as a result of a controversy or uncertainty. One of the first things a student learns at law school is that litigation is quite different from TV shows and movies. The activity of a lawyer who litigates is complex and requires a clear understanding of theoretical concepts as well as a keen ability to make fast moves in and out of court.

The terminology used in litigation also varies from country to country. Literal translation of terms is never enough. It is necessary to compare legal systems and go beyond the dictionaries in order to translate  documents or conversation accurately.

Making a glossary helps at the beginning but soon you will find that you must go further. The following is a video containing a few basic terms and expressions used in the U.S. as well as their corresponding translation to general Spanish.


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